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What is the Elumicate network?

The Elumicate Smart Vision Network
The main purpose of the network is to capture and deliver relevant data that will educate and inform 3rd parties of real world activities and events.
The network is owned and governed by all of it’s participants yet owned by no single entity.
Utilizing advanced technologies, the network’s purpose is to capture real world events and transform them into the form of digital data that can then be accessed with ease.
A token model is used to encourage and reward participants for their efforts. The token can be used to obtain data credits in order to gain access to the digital data produced by the network.
With a strong focus on security and anonymity, the network will employ a governance model to ensure relevant decisions are voted upon fairly by network participants. The networks tracking activity is made public using blockchain technologies, allowing full transparency at all times.
The network will fuel innovation that will lead to an increased quality of life and benefits such as cleaner air, lowered traffic congestion, predictive security enhancements, saved lives, and so much more.

Is this a new concept?

While the concept is not entirely new, applying it to gathering traffic data certainly is. One company who has been extremely successful using a very similar concept in a different market is Helium www.helium.com . Helium has over 990,000 devices deployed worldwide and many more on backorder with incredible area coverage.

Who owns the network?

The people own the network. The network will be fully decentralized and owned by all, yet owned by no single entity.

How/Where do I set up the device?

There will be 3 deployment phases.

During the first phase, participants don’t have to worry about setting up a device as we will be using public infrastructure that is already in place. Participants will use their PCs to capture events off these public cameras automatically.

The second phase will allow participants to setup their own cameras on the network. 

The third phase will consist of the release of an all in one device that will eliminate the need to have a PC performing the mining operations.

Phase 2 and phase 3 devices can be mounted anywhere with a clear line of sight to the traffic source. This can be indoors or outdoors. There should be no significant obstructions in between the miner and the traffic area in order to track reliable data and earn maximum rewards.

Can the device be used indoor?

Device is expertly placed to oversee public indoor spaces, offering real-time monitoring of crowded areas, safety measures, and potential hazards within the enclosed environment. The camera’s strategic placement and broad field of view facilitate the identification of unauthorized activities such as vandalism, theft, or intrusion, as well as monitoring occupancy levels for fire safety and ensuring adherence to public health guidelines. This camera serves as an essential tool in preserving the safety and well-being of individuals within public indoor spaces, contributing to the effective management of community facilities and shared areas.

more information about camera placement in our whitepaper: https://whitepaper.elumicate.com/user-experience/adding-a-camera/camera-placement

What kind of data is recorded?

It’s been very interesting to see that as we discussed our vision network, people actively imagined new use cases and the value they and others could gain from such a network. Equally interesting was to see that most people had very different needs, which reinforced that we should not only focus on traffic but on the vision network as a whole.

This makes Phase 2 (IP Camera onboarding) much more exciting.

Since the focus has expanded beyond just traffic, we will be accepting camera streams that relate to a multitude of use cases such as:

  • Roads and Sidewalks
  • Public Gathering Places & Parks
  • Wildlife tracking
  • Walking & Cycling Paths
  • Lakes & Rivers
  • Public Indoor Spaces
  • Other (let us know what you believe may be valuable data) We’ve also updated the Whitepaper.

At Elumicate, privacy is a top priority; we ensure data capture adheres to strict ethical guidelines and anonymizes personal information to protect individual identities. Embracing blockchain technology, we provide a secure, transparent, and privacy-focused solution for data sharing.

Who needs the collected data?

Various entities across multiple industries can benefit from the network data provided by Elumicate. Some users include:

  1. City planners and governments: They can use the data to optimize infrastructure, manage traffic, and enhance public safety.
  2. Retailers and advertisers: Access to location-based demographics and traffic patterns can help them target markets effectively and improve marketing strategies.
  3. Real estate professionals: Insights into local demographics, traffic patterns, and neighborhood trends can help them make informed decisions about property values and investment opportunities.
  4. Ecological researchers: The data can help them study wildlife behavior, track environmental changes, and support conservation efforts.
  5. Transportation companies: They can use the data to optimize routes, manage fleet logistics, and improve overall efficiency.
  6. Emergency services: Real-time data can help them respond more effectively to incidents, allocate resources efficiently, and save lives.
  7. Tourism industry: Accurate and up-to-date information about popular destinations, crowd patterns, and local events can help them offer better services and experiences to travelers.
  8. Urban designers and architects: The data can help them make informed decisions about public spaces, pedestrian pathways, and urban landscapes.
  9. Insurance companies: They can use the data to assess risk factors related to location and infrastructure, allowing for more accurate pricing and coverage decisions.
  10. Utility companies: Accurate information about infrastructure and usage patterns can help them optimize energy distribution and plan for future demand.

These are just a few examples of the potential users of Elumicate’s network data, as the platform has the potential to benefit various industries and sectors by providing accurate and real-time real-world data.

What about privacy and security?

We take both privacy and security very seriously. The network is built using some of the most secure methods currently available and all data acquisition is done anonymously. No personal information or identifiers are kept.

How do I get rewarded?

Rewards are offered in the form of tokens. In order to receive tokens, a crypto wallet will need to be downloaded and a wallet address created. The address is then uploaded to the miner and rewards are automatically deposited to the wallet on a regular basis. 

We’ve implemented a new system that rewards for specific roles/tasks by using workers, where each worker’s active earnings is dependent on the number of workers on the network (every time the total number of workers triples, the active reward rate halves).
Each accessible camera stream is worth 1 worker by default and streams that are actively being mined for data will receive additional workers. Staking and NFTs will also allow additional workers and so will mining devices acquiring data.
• Under 500 network workers = 50,000 tokens/yr/worker
• 500 – 1499 network workers = 25,000 tokens/yr/worker
• etc.
It’s important to note that during this phase, our focus is on building the vision part of the network and not on acquiring data, which is why the Data Miner Phase has been placed on hold.

How do I get real money in my pocket?

If you decide to cash out your tokens, you have the option to transfer your tokens to any wallet of your choosing and have that wallet’s owner pay you directly, or alternatively sell your tokens on a major crypto exchange platform.

What is the monetary value of a token?

The token’s value will be set by the open market. A major difference between the Elumicate token and many other crypto currencies is that our token is fully backed by the value of the collected data, which becomes more significant with every captured event.

How is the token connected to the data?

The only way to get access to the accumulated data is to buy data credits, which can only be purchased with the Elumicate token. Tokens are converted into data credits and the credits are then used to access the data. As the quantity and popularity of the data set grows, so too does the need to acquire the token.

How do I participate?

Sign up to our newsletter or wait list to be first and receive status updates! 

We are happy to announce that IP Camera Onboarding has officially begun!

  • Head on over to the Elumicate Mining portal https://miner.elumicate.com/
  • Click on the devices tab
  • Click add new camera – you will need to have a contact email in your My account to be able to add your camera!

When can I get started?

Now, phase 2 aka IP Camera Onboarding has officially started.